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Grand River watershed residents often consider purchasing water softeners due to the hardness of local water.

By selecting a softener that uses less water and salt, Guelph and Waterloo area residents can save money and help to conserve and protect our water resources.

This website will help you understand what to look for when selecting a water softener, and share results of testing conducted by the Region of Waterloo and City of Guelph on locally available residential water softeners.

Get Started:

I’m not sure about using a water softener

Not sure if you need a water softener? People with hard water may purchase a water softener for different reasons including:

  • to lower energy consumption by reducing scale build-up in water heaters;
  • to reduce the amount of soap needed to create a lather;
  • to help maintain plumbing fixture appearance and function; and
  • to enjoy the feel of softened water when washing.

You can review the following information to help you decide whether a water softener is right for your home.

About my water
What is hard water? What is soft water? What is my water hardness?

Water softener 101
What is a water softener and how does it work?

Water softener buyers guide
What size do I need? What kind of salt do I need? Are there other technologies?


Water Softener Facts has been brought to you by a partnership between the Region of Waterloo and the City of Guelph.

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